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A Pragmatic Manifestation of Monologic and Dialogic Argumentation in the Holy Qur'an

Nesaem Mehdi Al-Aadili
Department of English, College of Education for Human Sciences.
Taif Hatam Shardaghly
University of Babylon, Babylon, Iraq
Keywords: Argumentation, Dialogic, Monologic, Pragmatic Structure, Strategies. ,


The Holy Qur'an, as an oral revelation by Allah to Prophet Muhammad through Gabriel, is a conveyance of the message of Almighty Allah to humanity. It takes the form of monologic argumentation which is the fountainhead of divine orientation for Muslims. Yet, the Qur'an, sometimes, offers detailed accounts of historical events and narratives in the form of dialogues. The present study carries out research to examine how Allah's message is pragmatically structured as monologic and dialogic argumentation, by outlining the argumentative strategies exploited to convey the intended message. To achieve these aims, the relevant literature was surveyed and a qualitative analysis was conducted by means of a model adopted for this purpose. This kind of research is characterized by following certain procedures which pragmatically aim at finding out the pragmatic characteristics which are peculiar to the divine verses of the holy Qur'an.