The Ethics Committee Approval for Research Studies


Dear EJAL Friends,

As the editorial team of EJAL, we would like to inform you about the latest news about our journal. One of the indices, ULAKBİM (TR Dizin), has updated their coverage criteria for 2020 in terms of research ethics and it now requires some supplementary documents. In this regard, the following guidelines will be applied and required from the authors who have already submitted their papers as of the 1st of January, 2020 or are thinking of submitting their manuscripts to EJAL from now on. 


  • It is obligatory to obtain an official approval document from Ethics Board/Committee for all research studies which have been uploaded to the journal’s submission system since the 1st of January, 2020 and are now in the reviewing process. If you believe that you will not be able to obtain such a document, it is advisable that you withdraw your submission. Even if your paper is accepted, the publication of your manuscript will be postponed as a result of this current development in line with the failure in presenting the official document. In addition, the manuscripts must be prepared in accordance with the new template. In the last page of the new template, authors are required to clearly mention the ethical committee approval for their research study by stating the name of the board/committee, the date and the protocol number in Research and Publication Ethics Statement section. Authors who had no direct access to Ethics Board/Committees (e.g. freelancer authors), please give us detailed information about your situation before withdrawing your manuscript. 
  • Without the necessary official document from an ethics board/committee indicating the approval of the scientific research, it will not be possible to initiate the evaluation process of the research article. Therefore, it is obligatory for the authors to fill in the Authors, Abstract & Ethical Approval form (which could be found in Author Guidelines on the Submissions page) and upload it into the system while they are submitting their manuscript. If necessary, the editorial team might ask for the Ethics Committee Approval Letter. 
  • Authors should mention the ethical approval in their paper as well. They need to present information about the ethical approval by referring to the name of the board in the methodology section. Additionally, they need to confirm that they have informed the participants and got their consents before the data collection process (collecting the data through scale, questionnaire, observation forms, interviews, video-recordings, protocols) in the methodology section. 
  • The authors which have already uploaded their manuscripts into EJAL system following January 1st, 2020 need to update their Author, Abstract & Ethical Approval form. They are not required to use the new template, the editorial team will add the ethics statement on behalf of them.

If the manuscript includes a review study, this ethical approval is not required. Therefore, they need to fill in the Ethics Committee Approval part in the Authors, Abstract & Ethical Approval form by clearly stating “not required”.