Call for papers: Special Issue dedicated to the work and memory of our deceased editor-in-chief, Prof. Dr. İsmail Hakkı Erten


EJAL will publish a special issue (SI) in December 2020 dedicated to the memory of Prof.Dr. İsmail Hakkı Erten, who is the founder and the deceased editor-in-chief of the journal. Professor Erten passed away in December, 2019 after a battle with illness leaving his family, colleagues and students in deep anguish.

Prof. Erten was a dedicated scholar who spent most of his career researching topics related to the psychology of English language learning and teaching. Therefore, we believe that publishing a SI on this topic is an appropriate way to honor his memory.

The guest editors for this SI are Assoc. Prof. Kenan Dikilitaş from the University of Stavanger, Norway and Prof.Dr. Sarah Mercer from the University of Graz, Austria.

Please read the message below from our guest editors of this SI for the important dates and other details.

Ece Zehir Topkaya


Message from the guest editors


As you may be aware, the community lost a wonderful scholar at the end of last year, Prof. Dr. İsmail Hakkı Erten. He was a dedicated academic and an influential teacher respected by both colleagues and students in Turkey and beyond.

 We are only inviting selected scholars to contribute to this special issue and we hope to do justice to him and his work in this way. We are approaching people to write on specific topics that we knew he was interested in or that are defining at present in the field of the psychology of English language learning and teaching, which was the centre of so much of Prof. Erten’s work. However, if you have something else in mind that you feel would suit this very special publication, please write directly to us with your manuscript proposal including a title, author information and an extended abstract not longer than 1500 words with figures, tables, references, etc. by March 20, 2020. We would be more than happy to discuss your proposal with you.

 We would really appreciate it if, in preparing your paper, you could perhaps find appropriate ways to reference his work and connect to your work. To help you with this, we provide a list of key works by Prof. Erten and a link to his citations page (see below).

 In order to ensure the special issue appears this year and is published as soon as possible, we are aiming for a publication date of December 2020. This means we propose the following timeline:

Mon 22nd June

 Submission of first draft

Mon 27th July

Reviews and papers returned to authors

Mon 31st  August

Second revisions

Mon 28th September

Final drafts



 If you accept our request for your contribution, we would please ask you to strictly keep the timeline in order to ensure that Prof. Erten’s special issue can appear as planned in 2020. We know the timing is tight so we kindly ask you to plan accordingly.

There are guidelines for authors on the journal website under: means manuscripts follow APA guidelines and are approximately 7000 words in length excluding references and tables etc.

A selection of Prof. Erten’s latest relevant publications can be accessed on

Erten, I. H., & Çağatay, S. (2020). Construct validity of language achievement casual attribution scale. Journal of Language Teaching and Learning10(1), 19-37.

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Basöz, T, & Erten, I. H. (2018). Investigating tertiary level EFL learners‘ Willingness to Communicate in English. English Language Teaching11(3), 78-87.

Selçuk, Ö, & Erten, I. H. (2017). A display of patterns of change in learners’ motivation: Dynamics perspective. Novitas-ROYAL11(2), 128-141.

Erten, I. H. (2015). Age-related gender differences in casual attributions of Turkish learners of English as a foreign language. ELT Research Journal4(2), 129-146.

Erten, I. H. (2015). Attribution retraining in L2 classes: prospects for exploratory classroom practices. In K. Dikilitas, R. Smith, & A. Burns (Eds.) Teacher-researchers in action (pp. 357-367). Canterbury: IATEFL

Erten, I. H. (2015). Social desirability bias in altruistic motivation for choosing teaching as a career. Journal of Education30(1), 77-89.

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Erten, I. H. & Burden, R. L. (2014). The relationship between academic self-concept, attributions, and L2 achievement. System42, 391-401.

Erten, I. H., Topkaya E. Z., & Karaks, M. (2010). Exploring motivational constructs in foreign language reading. Hacettepe Üniversitesi Eğitim Fakültesi Dergisi39, 185-196.

Erten, I. H. & Topkaya, E. (2009) Understanding Tolerance of Ambiguity of EFL Learners in Reading Classes at Tertiary Level. Novitas Royal3(1), 29-44.

Many thanks for agreeing to honor the memory of a scholar who was so committed to our field and community. We hope that this special issue will highlight his contributions to PLL as well as raise the profile of the innovative journal he founded. We are truly grateful to you for your commitment in supporting us in this endeavour.

Please contact us if you have any questions or we can support you in any way.

Kenan Dikilitaş

[email protected]

Sarah Mercer

[email protected]

Guest Editors for the Special Issue of EJAL