English Language Instruction and Volunteer Work in Rural Schools in Amman: Assisting Underserved Communities


  • Ogareet Khourya AL-Ahliyya Amman University, Hourani Center for Applied Scientific Research
  • Nayel Al-Sharah AL-Ahliyya Amman University, Hourani Center for Applied Scientific Research
  • Mohd Shukri Ab Yajid Management and Science University
  • I.A Ariffin Management and Science University
  • Ali Khatibi Management and Science University


Rural Education; Amman; Volunteer; English Language


This study discusses about the education as an essential component in the improvement of a public, a system, and a country. This study persuades that a to make individuals financially conscious, and subsequently make them effectively partake in their monetary flourishing and social turn of events, a well-supported education system is a productive means. This study discuss that teaching communities implies creating schools and instructing kids and pioneers. Thusly, rural communities will prompt a better and more manageable future. The volunteer instructors' attributes and showing experience in the program were investigated. The study shows that the training of English writing for the rural parts of the Amman ais as important as the developed areas of Jordan. The method used in this study is the IVHQ method based on 10 trainers for teaching in the rural areas of Amman, Jordan. It explains difficulties that are being faced by the trainers. Moreover, the exploration expresses that if the volunteers didn't get adequate preparation or backing from the office, they encountered significant difficulties on location and experienced burnout. Also, English being a foreign language, this study describes the ways to provide proper training sessions for the English language literature in the rural areas of Amman. This study talks about the Jordan's obligation to the guideline of the “Right to Education for All”. Based on the volunteer educators' perspectives and organization staff's ideas, the creators propose ways of further developing English language educating and chipping in showing programs in under-served networks of Amman.