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Influence of Teacher/Instructor Foreign Language Anxiety Reduction Strategies on Students' Foreign Language Anxiety: The Case of Saudi Students' English Language Learning in Saudi Arabia

Sumaia Ahmed Aldubaikhi
Assistant Professor, Department of English Language and Translation, Collage of Sciences and Theoretical Studies, Saudi Electronic University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Keywords: foreign language anxiety, anxiety reducing strategies, English as a foreign language, second language acquisition ,


The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of teachers' strategies focused on mitigating foreign language anxiety on the levels of anxiety experienced by Saudi students studying English as a foreign language in Saudi Arabian universities. The data for this study was collected from a sample of 403 students attending public and private universities in Saudi Arabia who had chosen to study English as a foreign language. The researchers employed the quantitative survey method to gather numerical data, which was subsequently analysed using SPSS software. Regression analysis was utilised for hypothesis testing. The findings of the analysis indicated that various strategies aimed at reducing anxiety, including enhancing students' self-confidence, providing mentorship and guidance from instructors, discouraging unhealthy competition among students, and demonstrating personal care for students, all had a significant impact on reducing foreign language learning anxiety in students studying English as a foreign language. This study makes a significant scholarly contribution by addressing the growing interest among Saudis students in learning the English language to access global markets. It highlights the limited research conducted in Saudi Arabia on foreign language anxiety and the strategies employed to alleviate such anxieties. Furthermore, this study makes a valuable contribution to the existing body of literature by conducting an empirical evaluation of the instructional strategies that can be employed by foreign language instructors to mitigate the negative effects on student performance and foster a positive learning environment.