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University EFL Online Classroom Dynamics: Perception of Faculty Members and Students

Itimad Khalil Alotaibi
Jouf university, Saudi Arabia
Hosam-Eldeen Ahmed Elsawy
Jouf University, Saudi Arabia, Damanhour University, Egypt
Keywords: EFL, Online Learning, Classroom Dynamics, Jouf university ,


Blended learning, also known as hybrid learning, blends traditional modes of education with online learning to provide tailored, diversified education to students. This study investigated the perception of faculty members and students about the existence of online classroom dynamics in university EFL classes. To collect data, 22 faculty members and 63 students at Jouf University were surveyed. The focus was on the questions to find out the EFL students' and EFL faculty members' perceptions of university online classroom dynamics. The study adopted a non-experimental quantitative research design, and data was collected through a validated questionnaire. The results of the study show positive perceptions related to the existence of classroom dynamics in online learning and its contribution to language development as stimulating learning that helps in interaction, engagement, cooperation between students, and reducing the level of anxiety. Students' perception of online classroom dynamics was more positive than faculty members.