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Applying the Communicative Approach in Assessing EFL Young Learners

Sumaya N. Ali AlShareef
Al Imam Al A'adham College, University, Dept. Islamic Studies in English Language.
Keywords: Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), English as a Foreign Language (EFL), Computer Mediated Communication (CMC). ,


In the evaluative phase concerning the practicality of language acquisition, the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) methodology has emerged as the preeminent standard in educational paradigms. Nevertheless, the import of integrating CLT becomes particularly salient within the framework of language adoption as a medium of communication. The application of a communicative approach to the learning and evaluation of English, specifically for young English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students, confronts distinct challenges. These challenges, if not effectively navigated, present a potential hazard to the realization of desired educational outcomes and have the capacity to hinder academic performance. Consequently, this undermines the efficacy of the approach vis-à-vis its envisioned impact. In light of this, the present study endeavors to scrutinize prospective challenges that may exert an adverse influence on communicative language assessment in the context of young EFL learners. Moreover, the study seeks to proffer viable solutions to mitigate these challenges based on empirical findings. The primary objective of this research is to engender awareness regarding the inherent difficulties associated with the implementation of the communicative approach. The research further furnishes actionable and efficacious measures conducive to both EFL education and the overall learning experience of young students. A pivotal aspect for the proficient application of the communicative approach as an assessment technique for young learners lies in the meticulous execution of assessment tasks.