A CDA analysis of Fadi Zaghmout's Amman's Bride


  • Johar MGM Management and Science University
  • Mohd Shukri Ab Yajid Management and Science University
  • Anas Ratib Alsoud AL-Ahliyya Amman University, Hourani Center for Applied Scientific Research
  • Ali Khatibi Management and Science University
  • I.A Ariffin Management and Science University
  • Jacquline Tham Management and Science University


Critical approach analysis is an approach towards the study of language, which is based on multiple theoretical and methodological approaches. Most of scholar’s view language as social practice and this approach is used to highlight the hidden relations and ideologies that are present in the discourse and content being studied by the reader. All the social practices that are a part of society are linked to some historical contexts. The existing social relation in a society also reproduce based on the social practices which make an overall outline of the society and its practices. To explain the social practices with the language, Critical Discourse Analysis is one of the main strategy that aims at critically describing and interpreting the discourse (Kress, 1990). Critical discourse analysis is based on the qualitative approach. This paper is based on the critical discourse analysis of the book, The Bride of Amman. The novel is based on the details of the struggle that are faced by the women in the Jordanian society. The novel is considered as a bold attempt of Fadi Zaghmout, who addresses the societal issues like sexual orientation and gender identity in the novel with the aid of different characters. The paper focuses on the socio-psychological aspects of the novel, linking the societal issues in the Jordanian society with the emotions and feelings of the people. This has practical importance in making the personalities of the people and in the novel too, where characters are developed according to the situations they must face. The paper conducts a critical discourse analysis of the novel, on the by inter linking the ideology in the texts and interprets the idea behind the writings also combining the social and psychological aspects of the human life. The analysis is also based on the theory of socio-psychological and relating it to the main idea of the theory. Critical discourse analysis in this paper is based on the Fairclough’s model of the CDA.