Eurasian Journal of Applied Linguistics (EJAL)  uses a double-blind system for peer-review, with appropriate reviewers selected from an extensive panel of scholars. Both reviewers and authors’ identities remain anonymous. The review process takes 4-8 weeks in EJAL.

Each manuscript submitted to EJAL will be peer-reviewed by at least two experts. Manuscripts are initially assessed by the Editors to ensure readiness for review. This initial step may take 2-3 weeks. If deemed appropriate, manuscripts are then sent out for review, after which one of the following recommendations may be made:

  • accepted for publication,
  • accepted subject to minor revisions,
  • invited to resubmit following substantial revisions,
  • submit elsewhere or declined.

EJAL is committed to high academic standards, viewing publication as a collaborative process among Authors, Reviewers, and Editors.