Multimodality as an Interactional Resource for Classroom Interactional Competence (CIC)

Jaeuk Park
Newcastle University
Keywords: Classroom Interactional Competence (CIC), learning, multimodality, CA, teacher education


This paper of action research discusses the emergent progress of multimodality in the classroom interaction. Despite the pivotal role of multimodality in interaction in the foreign language classroom, little attention has been paid to how embodied behaviours are used as a resource by students in relation to Classroom Interactional Competence (CIC). The study, therefore, aims to assess how multimodality influences learning from learner’s perspectives. The data for this study is based on the video-recording of an English grammar lesson for adult learners. Drawing on a Conversation Analysis (CA) approach to look into the interactional unfolding of multimodal behaviours, this study uncovered the potential impact of multimodality on interaction in a foreign language classroom. The findings have significant implications for research on CIC and language teacher education.

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