New Beginnings: Trials and Triumphs of Newly Hired Teachers

Andrea Dimitroff
TOBB University of Economics and Technology
Ashley Dimitroff
TOBB University of Economics and Technology
Keywords: Workplace integration, training, adaptation, challenges, culture


Mitigation of challenges in a new workplace is one of the struggles encountered by newly hired teachers. This article presents the findings of a survey of various teachers in new work contexts. Most participants were surveyed after the completion of their TESOL MA or related master’s programs, as well as undergraduate degrees and acquisition of teaching certificates. This qualitative data was gathered through the use of an online survey that included questions about participants’ self-identified cultural backgrounds, teacher and/or educational training, work experiences, support networks, and adaptations in the workplace. As the data was analyzed, ideas of teacher identity and challenge mitigation were also explored. Findings include challenges faced by teachers, modes of adaptation, and practical tips for effectively adapting to the new work environment. The practical implications of this research include how teachers should strive to learn and adapt in each new context by relying on their teacher training and seeking assistance from sources of support in the new context.

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