Pre-service Language Teachers’ Use of Social Networking Sites for Language Learning: A Quantitative Investigation

Osman Solmaz
Dicle University
Keywords: social networking sites, pre-service teachers, language learning, attitudes, digital literacies


This study examined pre-service language teachers’ attitudes towards social networking site (SNS) use for language learning, their SNS practices for improving their target languages, and the relationship between them. 279 English and German language teacher candidates participated in the surveys designed for the present study. The statistical analyses of the data revealed that pre-service language teachers had positive perceptions towards SNS use for the purpose of language development and they took advantage of SNSs to improve their target languages. It was also found that variables such as participants’ departments, years of study, and self-reported SNS literacies significantly affected their attitudes towards SNS use and their SNS practices. Finally, the quantitative data obtained confirmed a significant correlation between teacher candidates’ attitudes and their SNS practices for language learning in general and for particular skills. The results are discussed within the context of relevant scholarship, and the study is concluded with recommendations for future research.

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